Talk Together: We Love Budapest; June 1. (17:00-17:45)

What drove you to set up

Working as a guide I learned first-hand what kind of expectations and desires people have when arriving to Budapest. I also learned that they don’t meet with what the touristic institutions provide as they are without a comprehensive, centralized strategy. My personal impression was that visitors coming to Budapest don’t really need a tourist guide, what they need is a friend who lives here and knows all the best places to drink a glass of wine after they checked off all the usual sights from their bucket list. This insight was what brought We Love Budapest to life.

How bottom-up built services, such as the popular website, can contribute to the development of the start-up ecosystem and help attracting more tech companies and start-ups to the Hungarian capital?

Through the example of We Love Budapest we would love to inspire those entrepreneurs, investors who are already thinking about building a start-up. Enthusiasm, dedication, focus and a firm belief that the status quo can be changed – that’s „all” we needed for success in Budapest, and I think it would work everywhere else in the world.  

What do you expect from the OECD Forum and the panel debate (Talk Together: We Love Budapest) in which you will participate?

It is a great honour and privilege to be a part of a global event and discussion of this magnitude and media attention. I would love to encourage people with my speech to go and discover Budapest in the hope that they will be as enamored with the city as I am. 

Short bio

Mr. Száraz is owner of and, two up to date online platforms that lends a guiding hand to visitors and locals alike, with relevant informations and unique insights about the Hungarian capital and Lake Balaton, Hungary’s biggest freshwater lake, which is a major holiday destination. The platforms provide information regarding cafés and restaurants, clubs and nightlife, culture and museums, shops, services and so on.

At the end of 2015 after long, successful negotiations the Origo platform became a part of the portfolio. Origo founded in 1998, Hungary’s first news site, market leader with 1,8 unique visitors monthly with a brand recognition of 94%. The Origo Group is consisting of 9 brands: Life, Freemail, OzoneNetwork, LifeNetwork, Videa,,, Üzletrész.