Idea Factory: The Digital World & the Future of Work; May 31. (10:00 - 13:00)

  • You are the president of the largest European network representing young entrepreneurs. Hence we would be interested to hear your view on what the biggest challenges and barriers for advancing young enterprises in Europe are?
In Europe the lack of entrepreneurial spirit and the fear of failure make the masses of talented Young people turn away from entrepreneurship. Even though markets are there and support is available for SMEs and start-ups we don’t have enough youngsters who want to take risk and try the entrepreneurial life. Also, the generation change in the SME sector is a very big challenge, since we loose 2 out of 3 European SME because their owners cannot pass it to the next generation. So more entrepreneurial spirit and real role models would be able to help a lot.

  • While it is a fact that today’s young entrepreneurs have grown up in a highly digitalized world, what do you think how this rapid digitalization transforms entrepreneurship?

Digitalization is opening new horizons for companies, especially making management and data management easier than ever. The use of technology for young entrepreneurs is very obvious and lots of start-ups are growing from that field. Technology is significantly changing the way how we manage the company, being mobile while still being able to work from anywhere. This leads to a new age on how we communicate with and acquire customers.

  • What do you expect from the OECD Forum and the panel debate (Idea Factory – The Digital World & the Future of Work) in which you will participate?

Youngsters of today face huge challenges in the transforming world. We are about to loose 1 billion conventional workplaces in the next decade and labour markets and educational institutions must realize, there is a growing need towards future jobs - all strongly connected or based on technology. I expect a very fruitful debate about the directions of these processes, mapping out possible ways in this question – since OECD and its Forum has always been a great platform to define new economic strategies and show directions how to overcome certain economic challenges.

Short bio

Mr. Patrik Kovács is the Founder & President of FIVOSZ (Young Entrepreneurs Association Hungary), and currently also serving his term as President of JEUNE – Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European Union, which is the largest organisation representing European enterprising youth all over Europe reaching more than 1,66 million business-minded young people.
Besides FIVOSZ, he is also member of the founding council of EuCham - European Chamber and Ambassador of the European Commission’s New Narrative Programme and he has been active in the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20YEA).
In 2013, Mr. Kovács was awarded by the Minister of National Economy with the prestigious “For the Hungarian Economy Award”.